Emmerdale - The Demise of Cameron

So this week Emmerdale had an incredible week and showed the Siege episodes that we filmed in Pinewood Studios back in August (we saw Brad Pitt, Ridley Scott and Aaron Paul; no big deal).  During the Siege Cameron Murray was killed by electrocution, after holding the Woolpack hostage with Zack Dingles shotgun.  

For this siege Emmerdale wanted a video to show Cameron's storyline entitled 'The Demise of Cameron' covering the last few years he has been in the soap.  I was that person to make it and after about 70 hours and five days I had a four minute video showing his life.  Hope you enjoyed the week, and this video, also view the Pinewood BTS and the Underwater BTS as they are both great.  

 'The Demise of Cameron'
'Goodbye Cameron Murray'
'Pinewood Behind the Scenes'
'Fluid Motion: Underwater at Pinewood'