The Indigo Project, Taste It - Music Video

Having previously worked with Joe Spink and his band The Indigo Project, Chris was asked to make a music video for their first single 'Taste It' which was to have a launch event at The Key Club in Leeds.  Chris got together a team of camera operators: Aaron Hussein, Adam Sheldon and Max Nicoll, and collectively they shot the whole gig with the intention of using any footage that doesn't sync with the song; to be used as cutaway content.  After the gig, Chris cut the video together and sent over versions for the band to send back feedback, once the video cut was finished, Chris coloured the video, and packaged the video with boards at either end.  The video went live Friday 13th May and has been doing very well on YouTube.  
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Twelfth night on tour - Documentary

In 2014 Chris toured around the UK with Purplecoat Productions to document the lives of their cast as they performed Shakespeare's Twelfth Night in five cities over the space of six days.  Twelfth Night on Tour displays the difficulties involved in a feat of this magnitude.  
The documentary will be available to watch soon, however the trailer is available above.  
Chris has previously blogged how this documentary was shot and what gear was involved - click here for the blog post
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Oscars Bar Canal Street - promotional

Chris has worked with Bruce at Oscars Bar since 2012 in various roles, but started initially creating montages of Musicals that are still played at the bar every day; Chris' role soon progressed on to making a promotional video to show how the bar transformed since Bruce acquired it.  Currently Chris still manages the musical content at the bar but now also create all of their promotional photographs and video.  This includes updating the promotional video regularly, and taking highly detailed photographs of the drinks on offer at the bar, the bar itself (both internal and external) and also covering any events that take place at the bar.  
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Oscars Drinks-Adonis-resized.jpg

Sad. Man. Smiling. - short film

Chris was asked by Karl Falconer of Purplecoat Productions to be the Director of Photography on this 30 minutes short film.  It was the biggest DoP task Chris has done to date and was very pleased with the finished quality; the films received constant praise for the look of the film after it's premiere.  Chris' role mainly consisted of lighting every scene of the film, to choreograph camera movements with the two camera assistants: Adam Sheldon and Aaron Hussein; and also to camera operate.  They mostly shot on Canon DSLR's, and also utilised the Movi M5 when shooting in Snowdonia; Chris has blogged about this previously.  
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Bait - feature film

in 2014 Chris was the 1st Assistant Editor on Dominic Brunt's feature horror film Bait; he was asked by editor David Mercer to work under him after meeting at Emmerdale.  In this role he initially designed workflows and the structure for organising rushes for Dave to use in the edit.  Once this had been completed Chris managed the Avid project and moved it between the various machines they cut on; Chris also sent out cuts to Dominic and Metrodome to view, whilst managing all the VFX clips to and from the VFX artists, and the audio AAFs/files being sent to the dubbing mixer.  


Joe Spink, perfect days - Music Video

In early 2014 Chris was part of the Music Video competition 'One Shot' with the intention of creating a music video from scratch in a weekend.  He was part of a group of three to make a video for young Musician Joe Spink.  During the weekend Chris helped craft the story chosen to purvey in the video, lit and shot the video, and finally helped to edit and finish the video in post.  They shot the video with kit from Sodium in Leeds, which involved a Canon 5Diii and various lenses, and they utilised the technique of Lens Whacking to create a surreal style to the video due to the nature of the video.  
Watch The Video Here

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